Cycles Victoire

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This is our local gem, located in the suburbs of Clermont, it is like many of our companies: extremely humble and highly successful. Let’s take a look.

The champion of made-to-measure bikes, made in France

Taking into account the morphology and measurements of the customer, their posture, requirements and usage, in order to design their bike, an aesthetic piece, balanced, with outstanding performance and comfort…Integrating high tech into centuries-old know-how of craftsmen of old, from hundreds of references of aeronautical-grade steel and stainless steel tubes, machined with a very high precision, frames, forks, stems, carriers assembled by brass or silver brazing suitable for very fine steel tubes, hand-polished.All that so that the man and the machine become one… Magical… Victorious…


  • Steel: shock and vibration absorber; fatigue reducer.
  • Long-lasting (more than 20 years).
  • Lighter thanks to super alloys and as long as you know how to braze 0.5 mm thick tubes. A rare skill but one mastered by the company.

Some facts and figures

  • One bike = 70 hours of work

  • There are only about twenty frame builders left in France

  • 30% of Cycles Victoire’s production is for foreign customers (in Japan, Portugal, Canada, Australia)

  • 7 kg is the average weight of a Victoire road bike. Not bad for steel!

  • 1 day : this is the time needed to machine and solder the tubes of a bicycle.

  • 1 hr : this is the time needed to manually polish each weld (1 day per bike)

  • 30% more resistant: for polished welds compared to unpolished (studies conducted with IFMA – French Institute of Advanced Mechanics – mechanical engineering school in Clermont-Ferrand)

  • A 14-month wait for one’s bike. Because getting a “Victoire” is worth the wait. Because production is already 100 frames a year and the order book is full.

  • A budget of between €5,000 and €12,000, all inclusive.

  • Each bike has a specific name. More than 300 names have already been attributed!

The bike ridden by Simon Baker

Meeting aesthetic requirements (in the colors of the perfume bottle) and exceptionally manufactured in ultra-short time in 3 copies for the needs of the brand.


My Victoire bike is responsive. It holds its own in comparison to the full carbon bikes that are found on the Ironman circuit.
Tristan, winner of the Ironman in Nice and 3rd in the world championships 18-24 age group category


Managed by Julien LEYRELOUP