Economic Hub

5 areas of strategic activities

What constitutes the DNA of our economic territory is an alliance of multidisciplinary skills and accessible decision makers in a dynamic that revolves around 5 areas of strategic activities:

Future Industry
and Mobility
Agriculture of the future,
Agribusiness and Environment
Wellbeing, Prevention,
Health and Nutrition
Digital Cultural and Creative Industries

The economic hub of central France

  • International industrial locomotives and world leaders: Michelin, Limagrain, Aubert & Duval – Eramet Group, Trelleborg, Volvic – Danone Group, Banque de France, Constellium, …
  • ETIs, SMEs and startups with dozens of awards
  • We wear the Clermont Auvergne French Tech label.
  • Public / private partnerships offer cutting-edge research and development, through a collective of competitiveness clusters, laboratories of excellence, private R & D centers and 7,500 researchers (one of the largest concentrations of researchers in Europe).
  • Structures and financing funds support companies, from project planning to fundraising for development and internationalization (5 incubators, several incubators and business hotels, investment capital, crowdfunding platforms, a startups accelerator (the Bivouac), business angel networks, sponsors, public banks and innovative private banks, etc.).
  • Economic development is inclusive, especially through the mobilization of the skills of the local integration and employment plan (“PLIE” in French) and of the “Missions locales”, as well as initiatives to promote talent in the city’s priority districts.