International networks

The Métropole is an active member of several international networks. Strongly attached to international cooperation in every field, it has particularly developed close ties with Quebec, Canada and Sweden.

Clermont Métropole, actively participating in international networks

  • Clermont is at the heart of the Michelin Cities Network known as “INMC”, International Network Michelin Cities, the first meeting of which was held in Clermont, home to the multinational Michelin, with some forty delegations from various countries. It was the opportunity to talk about good practices.

  • Via its urban planning agency, Clermont Auvergne Métropole joined the network of European cities called TechTown, geared to the economic opportunities provided by digital technology, sound and image and so forth.

  • Through its membership of the Centre Jacques Cartier, Clermont Métropole has developed links with Quebec and Canada in particular.

  • Public/private partnerships have been set up, especially with Malmö, one of the first European innovation hubs, sources for opportunities and inspiration.