Solutions for companies experiencing difficulties

Because encouraging an ecosystem in good health also means supporting companies that are not doing so well, Clermont Auvergne Métropole invites you to end the isolation and to speak about your problems. There is a whole range of schemes to find a suitable solution to your situation.

Regional Commissioner for restoring productive activity

Since July 2012, in every region and in close liaison with the Préfet and the President of the Regional Council, the Regional Commissioner for restoring productive activity takes steps to support businesses in solving their problems:
– proposing global, long-lasting solutions for companies, while discussing with the company’s intermediaries (shareholders, banks, customers, suppliers, etc.) and the Banque de France.
– making recommendations to enable the activation of public support systems or even staggering tax payments.

Relying on a regional monitoring and early warning unit, aimed at anticipating the measures designed to identify and avert the problems faced by companies in the region.
Contact : DIRECCTE . Roger TRUSSARDI, Commissaire aux restructurations et à la prévention des difficultés des entreprises. Médiateur des entreprises . tél. 04 73 43 01 11

Emergency help for VSEs/SMEs

A totally free service offered by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region allowing for a swift analysis of the situation and resulting in recommendations on the priority emergency measures to be taken in the short term.
This assistance aims to overcome the isolation experienced by managers of VSEs/SMEs faced with temporary difficulties by providing counseling so they can take the appropriate decisions and identify the solutions to implement in order to bounce back.
Whether you are a member or not: contact the CPME, U2P or MEDEF to carry out a preliminary diagnosis and benefit free of charge from the help of a short-listed firm of consultants.
Contacts :
CPME du Puy-de-Dôme, Dominique EZQUERRA, secrétaire générale . tél. 04 73 91 22 11
CPME Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Karin Van HERREWEGE tél. 04 72 53 74 74
MEDEF du Puy-de-Dôme Sandrine ALBARET, déléguée générale tél. 04 73 34 85 96 
MEDEF Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Audrey DE SERRES tél : 04 78 77 20 07  
U2P Union des Entreprises de Proximité Sylvie FONTAINE tél. 04 72 85 06 69

A few financial options in case of problems

  • To reschedule your debts: conciliation
    Provided you have not been insolvent for more than 45 days.
    A conciliator can be appointed by the Tribunal de Commerce to bring the main creditors together.
  • Safeguard proceedings
    When the company is unable to overcome the difficulties without being insolvent at this stage. Involves the publication of a judgment issued by the Tribunal de Commerce following a statement by the company manager.
    Makes it possible to temporarily suspend creditors’ proceedings and to work out a safeguard plan with the aim of reimbursing creditors within a 10-year period. This plan is put to the creditors and the Tribunal de Commerce.
  • Receivership
    When a company is insolvent, as part of an insolvency plan or disposal of the company.
    Involves the publication of a judgment issued by the Tribunal de Commerce.