4th largest seed company, Limagrain’s mission is to advance agriculture and help to meet food-related challenges throughout the world.
Limagrain is a cooperative group created and run by French farmers. His parent company, the Limagrain Cooperative, brings together nearly 2,000 farmers located in the center of France in the Limagne plain of Val d’Allier.
The group breed, produce, and distribute field and vegetable seeds, and cereal products.
Limagrain is present in 56 countries and has more than 10,000 employees. It generates a sales of nearly 2.5 billion euros through recognized brands in their markets: LG, Vilmorin, Hazera, Harris Moran, Jacquet, Brossard.

To feed close to 10 billion people by 2050, it will be necessary to produce more and better.
Limagrain’s mission is to move agriculture forward to meet food challenges throughout the world, taking into account climate change and preserve natural resources.

It will thus be necessary to produce more and better.
As a seed company, we have a key role to play in
light of these challenges.


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