Grants and support

Support for higher education, research and innovation projects

Clermont Auvergne Métropole considers higher education, research and innovation to be fundamental pillars of its future and key factors of its growth, influence and attractiveness.
Clermont Métropole supports and accompanies the initiatives under three specific development areas:

Area of excellence and of partnerships:

Initiatives to develop the organization and quality of the foundations of higher education, research and innovation in Clermont Métropole, to encourage its performance, attractiveness and outreach.

  • Funding for research chairs
  • Funding for theses on hydrogen production, sustainable development,
  • Funding for projects developed by stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem: competitiveness clusters and incubators for innovative companies, etc.
  • Funding for Cancéropole(cancer research cluster) projects,
  • Funding for student entrepreneurship projects,
  • Funding for Université Clermont Auvergne Foundation projects,
  • Funding for innovative teaching equipment on the Métropole’s campuses,
  • Funding for growth-generating projects and facilities.

 Talent, creativity and initiative-taking policy

Assistance with the emergence of new ideas and experimentation in the territory and close support for project promoters by accompanying risk-taking and creativity.

  • Assistance with the emergence of Occupation and Qualification Campuses in Design, Materials and Innovation – E-Campus)
  • Support for Social and Solidarity Economy projects
  • Contribution to the AT2i+ prêt d’honneur (unsecured, interest-free loan) fund AT2i+
  • Involvement in the POPSU action research program

Collaborative discussion and breaking down barriers

Creating and supporting areas for discussion (collective and partnership), initiatives to promote the ecosystem and any form of exchange with interfaces.

  • Coordination of Clermont Innovation Week
  • Support for collective projects regarding scientific culture, student life, etc.

“Clermont Innovation” programm

The “Clermont Innovation” program aims to foster the emergence of new ideas and experimentation in its territory by providing project promoters with close support and by accompanying risk-taking and creativity. The “Clermont Innovation” program includes two calls for projects:

  • one call for projects called “Clermont Innovation / Création” for project promoters creating an innovative company. All types of innovation are taken into consideration: technological, service, user-based, etc.
  • one call for project called “Clermont Innovation / Recherche-Action” which aims to promote research projects based on close partnership between research laboratories and socioeconomic actors (associations, communities, companies, etc.) in Clermont Métropole.

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