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This is one of the territory’s areas of excellence since it combines performance with the preservation of our planet. Driven by leaders such as Limagrain or INRA, it also draws its strength from the training of future researchers in six schools of higher education whose reputation extends beyond territorial borders

In one of Europe’s richest lands, the birthplace of the cooperative Limagrain, world leader in field seeds, Clermont Auvergne Métropole is fertile ground for public/private partnerships that rely on internationally renowned scientific excellence, sustained in particular by INRA’s leading center in France* and IRSTEA. Driven principally by the competitiveness clusters Céréales Vallée/Nutravita and Axelera, the innovation ecosystem, which includes some real gems (Metabolic Explorer, Carbios, Sol Solutions among others), works in synergy to improve the performance of agricultural production systems, recover co-products and develop industrial alternatives to petrochemical processes and products with the shared goal of meeting the challenges of tomorrow.
*excluding Paris

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