Riot House Production

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Riot today

They started small in 2009, filming artists in a 4-m² closet. Today, there are 14 of them.
14 people working hard convinced that good stories make for good communication, and prioritizing long-term relationships with their customers (international, national and regional brands from the outdoor sector, industry, sport, agri-food and others). 14 people sensitive to emotions, attentiveness and authenticity.

For three professions :

  • Video production, with an artistic touch that always gives the impression of a cinema movie. Proof of this can be seen in the Under Armour commercial with Teddy Riner, and the making of shoots for Nespresso with Georges Clooney.

  • Motion graphics.

  • Photography. A completely separate world in this production company. Step this way…

A Californian startup spirit

A warehouse fitted out like a Californian studio, a big staircase which the star photographer slides down to welcome us, an interior stylist who staples a piece of material which the director of Picture Organic Clothing (link to) will blend into for a photo shoot with his family and his latest collection, that’s all it takes for the show to begin.
And so it goes on…
Amid photos of a Michelin tire featured on a luxury car. Black and white with perfect shading. Sophisticated. The result of an extremely clever montage of various visual shots. Countless hours of work and daring technical investments for a company that is running a marathon strewn with blind bends.
It is clear that taking photos is more than just an art, it’s a passion.

Books are soon to be on sale.


Managed by Damien BOUR, CEO
Jean Charles Belmont, Associate and Photographer