Monbento today

From its base in Clermont, monbento is reinventing on-the-go meals and exporting its lunchboxes along with a whole collection of reusable products and containers that are taking the world by storm because of their design and practicality.
Especially in Asia, where the bento originated and where French design, a symbol of elegance, is very much appreciated.And in the United States, where the brand was welcomed in the famous MoMa store. And in over 70 countries.

For all freedom lovers who wish to cultivate their difference, simplify their daily lives and take care of themselves and their environment.Innovative materials, customization options, a range Made in France…, monbento boasts a wealth of assets.


Fueled by the desire to go even further in innovation, in 2018, monbento is proud to welcome the Peugeot family group to its shareholding. An actor already active in the world of tableware with its subsidiary Peugeot Saveurs SNC, a benchmark for spice.
United by common values ​​- a strong taste for French design and know-how, sensitivity to technology, international influence, enhancement of the human dimension – the French reference for bentos and the two-hundred-year-old brand from the tableware sector are moving forward together and removing all constraints related to cooking. Both inside and out.
And for monbento, from its Auvergne mountains as ever.


Managed by Emilie CREUZIEUX