Michelin today

One of the world leaders in the tire industry, Michelin is the biggest company in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This multinational, headed by Jean-Dominique Senard, has 68 plants and sells its products in over 170 countries. It employs more than 114,000 people. In 2018, Michelin was also ranked America’s best employer by Forbes. Besides manufacturing and selling tires, the company also publishes road maps and food and tourist guides. It offers mobility-related services too.

Michelin in Clermont

Michelin is one of the rare CAC 40-listed companies to have its head office outside of Paris: at Place des Carmes, right in the center of Clermont-Ferrand. The headquarters and the square are currently undergoing a huge transformation to emphasize the group’s global influence and the city of Clermont. A water terrace, a reflecting pool, a tropical greenhouse, restaurants and more: the revamp of the headquarters and its square will promote openness to the general public.

A little further away, L’Aventure Michelin, an immersive exhibition, allows visitors to find out about the history and world of the leading tire manufacturer. Clermont Métropole is also home to a site that produces competition tires: tailor-made tires for major motoGP, endurance, rally and Formula E races. In 2018, this remarkable site opened its doors to Clermont Auvergne Métropole when it welcomed 4,000 participants to the 73rd Congrès National de l’Ordre des Experts comptables convention.

Because we believe that mobility is one of the foundations of human development, we innovate passionately in order to make mobility ever safer, more efficient and more environment-friendly. Uncompromising quality is our commitment and our priority for our customers.

The Michelin story

Founded by brothers André and Edouard Michelin in 1889, the company produced a removable bicycle tire in 1891. Eight years later, the famous Michelin Man became its emblem. It is in fact one of the oldest known logos. Michelin changed and diversified. At the beginning of the 20C, the company looked for new markets. It also created its famous Guide in 1900. This Guide already made mention of two sales agencies in Belgium and Austria.
Michelin then set up a network of sales agencies in Italy (1901), Germany (1902), Switzerland (1902), Spain (1904), New York (1904) and England (1905). The first factory outside France was built in Turin, Italy, in 1906, close to Fiat. The forward-thinking Michelin brothers then chose the US to set up their second foreign plant, in 1907 in Milltown (New Jersey).

It was the radial tire or Michelin X, marketed as from 1949, which really triggered the group’s vast expansion. In the 60s and 70s, Michelin opened some thirty factories around the world and became the leading multinational company that it still is today.

Because we believe in every individual’s personal development, we want to give everyone the means to express the very best of themselves and we want to make an asset of our differences. Proud of our values: respect for customers, for people, for shareholders, for the environment and for facts, together we are experiencing the adventure of better mobility for everyone.

Group prospects

Michelin has speeded up its expansion to take advantage of the strong growth of new markets and the expected mainstream use of more environment-friendly tires of which it is world leader. The group has combined performance and responsibility to embark on a new phase of capturing custom by helping to build sustainable mobility on the road. It is keen to be a leader in sustainable mobility and one of the most innovative, responsible and efficient companies.

Firmly committed to the well-being and development of people, the company wants to further improve safety at work and to achieve a TCIR of under 2 for the whole group. By 2020, it also aims to reach and maintain an 85% level of employee engagement, to have 75% of management positions filled by employees from internal mobility, reflecting the ever increasing diversity of the group and to have 30% of women in managerial and supervisory positions.

Michelin in figures

  • 1889: date founded
  • 68 production sites in 17 countries
  • 114,000 employees worldwide
  • More than 6,000 researchers working on three continents (North America, Europe and Asia)
  • 641 million euros: R&D budget in 2017
  • 21.96 million euros: net sales in 2017