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METabolic EXplorer today

This trailblazer in industrial biochemistry, with 20 years’ experience to its name, develops industrial alternatives to petrochemical processes :

  • Using sustainable, renewable raw materials.
  • Via innovative and competitive industrial fermentation processes.
  • With the aim of producing chemical compounds as the basis for products essential to everyday life, such as additives for animal health and nutrition, plastics, textiles, cosmetics and many more…

To satisfy consumers’ changing societal expectations and to meet the challenges of energy transition and sustainable development.

METabolic EXplorer, the permanent innovation

METEX’s capacity to innovate is driven by its strike force: 70 staff members, with complementary skills, master all the process development stages (from the optimization of biochemical catalysts in the lab to the industrial validation and production of samples in a continuously operating industrial demonstration unit). Today, the company owns more than 350 patents.

In 2015, METEX was labeled Tech 40 by EnterNext (40 best innovative companies in Europe).
At the end of 2016, the firm sold one of its technologies to the Evonik Group, a world leader in amino acids, for 45 million euros.

METabolic EXplorer is listed on Euronext in Paris (Compartment C, METEX) and is included in the CAC Small index.


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