Innopain today

Startup in the pharmaceutical world, Innopain innovates against pain, by developing new non-opiate molecules, alternatives to morphine, equally effective but without its undesirable effects, by using an innovative pharmacological approach.

Less than a year after its creation, Innopain was the winner of the 18th National Competition for the Creation of Innovative Technology Companies (i-LAB 2016), organized by the Ministry of Research.

Innopain tomorow

After raising 1.5 million euros to carry out pre-clinical studies, the work continues in collaboration with its historical partners, including the Analgesia Institute, Inserm Neuro-dol laboratories and CNRS at Sigma-Clermont. In the next four years, Innopain hopes to be able to sell this innovative analgesic to pharmaceutical laboratories. The ambition of INNOPAIN is to build a range of analgesic molecules, addressing the different types of pain (acute, chronic pain, caused by trauma or anticancer treatments and so forth).


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