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Homework produces and directs videos since 2014. A video production company set up as a “Sarl” (limited liability company) two years ago by a team of young managers who, like many others, started to work at home and who have no qualms about going on stage. Their offbeat humor is increasingly noticed by international companies.

Making clips is the very essence of HMWK’s work and enables us to stand out from our competitors. We work not only with local and national artists (e.g. Stupeflip) but also international ones (such as Reverie). These music enthusiasts are accommodated at the Pépinière de Mai : on the very spot where Europavox takes place (European festival for the emerging music scene to promote in France artists gaining ground in Europe) and on the very spot where La Coopé concerts are hosted.

Our New Year greetings last year were liked so much that we were contacted to adapt them to an advertising campaign for a consultancy company whose turnover is in the region of €500m.


Homework sets itself apart from its friends in Clermont Auvergne Métropole’s Image and Sound ecosystem through its work in the field of Android and IOS apps.
However, its latest transmedia development combining video and web is promising. It makes it possible to have interactive videos, going from video to video just using simple clicks embedded in the visuals, to offer a VR experience (editor’s note: yet another code name for virtual reality) and to step into 360° concerts. HMWK is leaving 3D to other companies.

This development has enabled this promising young company to be highlighted at Viva Technology. HMWK’s ambitions don’t stop there. Watch this space!


Managed by
William Delaere,
Rémi Leclere,
Thomas Leloup,
Vivi What