Dômes Pharma

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Dômes Pharma today

  • 360 employees for turnover totaling 82 million euros.
  • Active in animal health (80% of its activity) and human health.
  • With famous brands : biocanina, aspivenin, Léro, Wanimo.com
  • Made up of a holding company and five subsidiaries that integrate all stages of the drug, from R&D to marketing, through manufacturing.
  • The result of a changing family business, created in 1947 in Clermont-Ferrand, a pioneer in the field of pet health with its brand Biocanina and which, in the 1980s, became a diversified and integrated pharmaceutical group.

  • Currently managed by the “third generation”, which is leading the group to achieve its digital transformation and to develop its activity on the international market.

Committed to the “One Health” Approach

Dômes Pharma also expresses its commitment to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach through its slogan “Linked by nature”. Inspired by the “one health” concept, which illustrates the dependence of human, animal and environmental health, it also refers to the link between the group and its employees and its territory.

TVM Animal Health

Historically the French leader in ophthalmology and veterinary neurology, the TVM Laboratory is also present in specialized niches such as geriatrics (joint problems, senescence of the brain, behavior) or gastroenterology, and has the widest range in Europe of products intended for the management of poisoning (antidotes, etc.). While the market is dominated by multinationals, TVM has been able to offer innovative products that meet the needs of veterinarians and sometimes fill the therapeutic gaps left by other pharmaceutical companies.
TVM opened a first subsidiary in England in 2016 and plans to be present in Germany in 2019.

AUVEX Laboratories

Specialized in self-medication products, Laboratoires Auvex develops and markets consumer-known brands to pharmacists: the Biocanina® range for animal health, Léro (Omega 3 dietary supplements) for human health, as well as the famous Aspivenin green pump (15 million pumps sold worldwide, of which 40% of the turnover is for exports).

Focus on Europhartec

Positioned on the market of small and medium complex series, Europhartech manufactures all dry forms (tablets) and non-sterile liquid forms for the human and animal pharmaceutical industry.
Every year, more than 200 tons of mix, 50 tons of wet granulation, 200 million tablets, 50 million capsules, 8 million cases and 3 million pill dispensers and jars are produced in the 10,000 m² factory. Europhartec is located in Lempdes, a few kilometers from Clermont.


In 2012, Dômes Pharma acquired the e-commerce site Wanimo.com, the leading French site for pet food and accessories, thus becoming a forerunner.
Rather than worrying about the arrival of a third distribution channel for its products, after that of pharmacies and veterinary clinics, Dômes Pharma chose to take an active part in it and to enter the digital age on an equal footing. A clash of cultures between this digital startup in search of profitability and an established industrial pharmaceutical group, but a shock that allowed Dômes Pharma Group to begin the digital shift ahead of many others.
Wanimo.com ‘in figures” : 210,000 products delivered in 24 hours. 800,000 customers


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