The “Hôtel d’entreprises du Panoramic” business service center hosts associations and businesses in the services sector, set up for less than four years.
The period of occupancy is restricted to 36 months.

Specific features

  • 12 offices ranging between 11 and 37 m² in size.
  • Internet provider chosen by and subscription managed by occupants.
  • Kitchen area
  • Services in the vicinity: hotels, restaurants, shops (supermarket)
  • Tramway stop: Hauts de Chanturgue

Monthly rental costs

  • €9.23 before tax per m², inclusive of charges. Deposit corresponding to one month’s rent.
    Deposit corresponding to one month’s rent.

Hôtel d’Entreprises Le Panoramic
1 rue des Hauts de Chanturgue
F-63100 Clermont-Ferrand
Tel.: +33 (0)4 73 28 72 72

List of businesses at the “Hôtel d’entreprises le Panoramic”